I found that I am most attracted to the wilderness and border areas and the way the man intervenes in there. Photography is a great way of getting closer to the land and the life there and this is the main driver for me to keep going to such places.

I like to photograph scenes that evoke a strong sense of place but at the same time, I could just focus on a small detail – a tree, stone or figure in the snow. I often stick to minimalism, muted colors, monochrome look, paying attention to details and focusing on one smaller part of the landscape. I believe the best results can be achieved only when you have a long-lasting relationship, a personal attitude to the subject.

In my work I am focusing on impact and connections between the natural elements: earth, water, sky, and the marks we, humans, leave behind. I play with forms, shapes, lines, textures, lights. I like to observe and register transformations – seasonal, day and night, man-made. My goal is not just to photograph attractive places but to search for deeper meanings. I want to provoke our thinking and discussion about how we, humans, should coexist and balance with the environment.

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