Emil Rashkovski is a visual artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

His work includes outdoor, documentary and conceptual photography, research, installations; focusing on the impact and connections between the environment and the marks we, humans, leave behind. Emil likes to rediscover the surrounding world through his lens and vice versa - to develop his photography under the influence of the environment. The process involves long study of themes, repeated exploration of locations, selection of specific conditions. Emil reinterprets the environment and frames it in topics such as past-present-future, consumer society, alienation, ecology. He is focused on human relationships and the surrounding world. Emil’s goal is to provoke thinking and discussion about how we, humans, should coexist and balance with the environment.



  • Photo school “Parallax”
  • Courses and workshops on Photography and Contemporary Art
  • Technical University, Sofia


Publications and Exhibitions

May 2019 - Part of INTRATERRESTRIAL project was shown on "2019 - a year from the future" - an exhibition devoted to retro-futurism and space culture, hosted by KOSMODRUM (Cosmodrome)

June 2018 - Selected and awarded in the annual review-contest of photographic art in Bulgaria

May 2018 - Interview for WePhoto

April 2018 - "Winter Rhodopean Lakes" project awarded a winning placement in the 2017 Tokyo International Foto Awards

December 2017 - Featured in Landscape Photography Magazine (issue 82)

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